Little Miss Flint


Mari Copeny, aka “Little Miss Flint,” lights up the room with her incredible enthusiasm and tremendous Hope for Flint. The 11- year-old self-proclaimed “future president” is a superstar in her own right, having raised over $450,000 for the residents and children within the Flint community. While still recovering from the water crisis, Mari has been key in providing residents over a million bottles of water throughout the neighborhoods. Mari can speak to the crisis up close and personal as she and her siblings (in addition to more than 8,000 children) were exposed to contaminated water which caused many rashes, hair loss and the risk of long-term developmental problems. It has been quite the journey for this phenomenal young lady and Hope for Flint is so tremendously proud of her tireless efforts and continuous activism to heal not just her community but the entire planet. Though she is small, she is mighty, and her voice has also provided thousands of books and letters from around the world to FLINT KIDS.

In 2016, President Obama traveled to Flint, after receiving a letter written from Mari asking him to come to help her and her city tackle their frustration and lack of government support over contaminated water. Nearly seven months after that meeting, the President authorized $100 million to repair Flint’s water system. This young lady is no doubt extremely compelling and influential. More importantly, people are actively participating in helping Mari not just bring attention to her city, but the welfare of our entire globe. In October 2018, Elon Musk, a friend of Mari’s, provided the city $480,350 to pay for water filtration systems in all 12 Flint school buildings and the administration building. Finally, Flint schools were getting clean drinking water! Most recently, in March 2019, the CEO of Space X and Tesla, visited his new bestie ‘Little Miss Flint’ and her classmates, this time providing students with Chromebooks and showing support for Flint’s little dynamo.

It’s truly only the beginning for Mari Copeny. As a voice of the Flint community, she is bound and determined to change the narrative of our city and has unlimited aspirations for the future to make things right in the world. At just 11 years old, she has already accomplished what most can only dream of doing in an entire lifetime.

There is no doubt she will continue to educate and bring awareness around the world about water contamination and the devastating effects it has on a community. Mari Copeny will continue to bring innovation and sustainable water solutions to cities around the world and will change the way we view children and future generations.

“I’m 11. My generation will fix this mess of a government. Watch us.” We cannot wait to see what she accomplishes when she turns 12! Thank you “Little Miss Flint” Mari Copeny; you definitely are HOPE FOR FLINT.



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