Modernizing a Historic Flint Classic


By Amanda Foster

Since 1919, the building located at 352 South Saginaw here in Flint, has been where citizens turn to for their savings and investment needs. Just over one hundred years later; Uptown Reinvestment Corporation and The Chamber of Commerce have focused their attention on investing in the building that was previously placed on The National Register of Historic Places in 2017. Helping to fulfill the landscape of downtown Flint; construction on the historic building is near completion and set to premiere a Hilton Garden Inn sometime by summer of 2020.

With an availability of 101 rooms, and some grand amenities to boot; Stephanie Fenton from the reinvestment company, says, “I think it’s gonna offer people the opportunity to experience what we’ve already got going on in Flint. With the theater, restaurants, and farmer’s markets. Not to mention the summer events.” With the hopes of appealing to both businesses and people that simply want to head to downtown for a night out; Fenton shares that the business of Hilton Garden Inn was selected early on, partly due to the ‘types of businesses they attract, the ease of the application process, their rewards/loyalty program offered, and the integrity behind the company.’ So, what made the company decide to come to the Flint area? Fenton shares that, “early in the process we worked with a consultant and different chains or brands to the area in order to see what would be a good fit.” However, what will set it apart from other Hilton locations is the historic building it is built within.

Additionally, there will be special meeting rooms available for corporations. Located on the second floor of the structure; there will be a total of 4 conference rooms, each having a 120-person capacity, but also with the option to combine all four for optimum space expansion. For the guests attempting to escape the stresses of business; they must look to the rooftop, where the entertainment factor will be maximized. Between the bar stationed there, the fitness center, and an undisclosed restaurant; there will be no shortage of fun. “We may do morning yoga sessions atop the roof, but it can also be rented out, which would be good for small to mid-sized wedding receptions,” Fenton shares.

If you keep to the first floor, you will also have the option of appeasing the caffeine monster within through the coffee shop; or if your taste buds are craving some exquisite pasta dishes, there will also be an Italian restaurant hosted on ground level. With weathered-wood pieces, calming neutral colors displayed throughout the primarily white rooms, and minor pops of color; during your stay you will feel right at ease, while in the face of luxury, no matter the reasoning for being at this boutique hotel.



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